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Endorse e-commerce to survive

News that retail giant HMV has called in the receivers further demonstrates that British retailers must urgenty endorse e-commerce to survive.

High Street retailers must urgently endorse e-commerce to survive according to The British Online Retailing Association. Today’s news that retail giant HMV has called in the receivers is yet another example of the changing face of British retail coming hard on the heels of the collapse of ‘Jessops’ and ‘Comet’.

The internet offers consumers instant choice. Our member’s costs are significantly less that their high street rivals which ultimately means they can be more competitive in a very tight marketplace.

Gary Peet, Director of Cambridgeshire based ‘Quantum Leap Ltd’ which has supplied HMV with DVD’s for over a decade said: “we saw this coming a few years back. Add to this the ability to download music and movies and HMV’s high street business model suddenly looked shaky” He added “Our direct sales though our website have gone through the roof at the same time as our trade sales to HMV rapidly declined”

Internet shopping is much easier and safer than it was even a year ago and we have seen a huge rise in the way people access the web too. Smartphone and tablet use is up 500% according to research by Deliotte which has been appointed as administrators to HMV. Tablet and smartphone use now accounts for 21% of all websites visited as people shop on the move. The high street is going to look a very different place in a year’s time. He added “We believe that there is still a place for a thriving high street but only if they enthusiastically endorse e-commerce as well. “Retailers must realise that the high street is here to compliment their online business and not the other way around”

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