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M-Commerce, get into the internet fast lane today with BritORA.

In January this year BBC Radio 1’s newsbeat and Bloomberg quoted BritORA research that showed a huge surge in mobile and tablet use to access websites.
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Endorse e-commerce to survive

News that retail giant HMV has called in the receivers further demonstrates that British retailers must urgenty endorse e-commerce to survive.
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Simplify the tax code

On the day of the autumn statement, British Online Retailing Association members call upon the Chancellor to simplify the tax code for small businesses and investigate aggressive tax avoidance.
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Highest ever average basket

Online market intermediaries are reporting that the average spend this year is up by nearly £5 per transaction and that the highest spending relative to wages was in the East Midlands.
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Mega Monday

Online Retailing commentators are describing December 3rd 2012 as 'mega monday' - the day we all expect the highest turnover in online retailing history with 250,000 items bought a minute.
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Fake Online Reviews

Unfair and malicious reviews can seriosuly damage a business. There has been widespread publicity about the damage fake online reviews are doing to legitimate hospitality businesses. BritORA believes that dominant international review sites can be a valuable promotional tool and offer lots of information to customers. However, our members strongly believe that online review sites are open to abuse and that a simple recourse procedure should be available for hard pushed hotels, guesthouse, pubs, restaurants and tourist attractions which have suffered from damaging and often spurious fake reviews.
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BritORA Predict Unprecedented Online Shopping Figures for Christmas

The British Online Retailing Association are predicting that this Christmas will break all records for online shopping as millions of people in the UK choose to save themselves from fighting through the shops and buy their Christmas presents online.
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