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Campaign for Rural Broadband

BritORA is fighting hard to improve broadband coverage across the whole of the UK not just the easy bits! Launching its campaign in Cumbria alongside local MP Rory Stewart and BT's Managing Director Bill Murphy, BritORA's Director said "we understand what an essential tool broadband is for businesses, both in town and country. We welcome the government's commitment of £530 million of public funds towards this objective but we need to ensure that all areas benefit, not just those with the largest populations"

A recent U-switch survey revealed that 34% of the UK still has very slow broadband speeds of less than 5 Mbp/s. The village of Winchelsea, in East Sussex, yet only 70 miles from Central London, is the slowest postcode in the UK, with an average broadband speed of just 1.11 Mbp/s. The city of Hereford with a population of 56,000 people has the slowest broadband of any UK city with an average speed of just 3.196 Mbps.

Other large towns and cities with slow connections include Kilmarnock, Carlisle and Dumfries all of which have average speeds below 4Mbp/s. For smaller towns and villages speeds can be so slow as to render many websites unusable with disastrous consequences for local businesses. Menstrie in Scotland & St Bees in Cumbria both have speeds below 1.5Mbp/s.

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