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Simplicity Accreditation

simplicity accreditation

The British Online Retailing Association 'Simplicity' kite mark identifies both quickly and easily those websites that have signed up to the code of practice outlined below. 'Simplicity' is particulary useful if your customers tend to be from less 'tech savvy' demographic groups such as older people or children. This easily recognisable logo can be used on your website to tell online shoppers that you adhere to the British Online Retailing Association 'Simplicity' code of practice.  Your customers can then link back to BritORA to confirm the authenticity of this mark at the click of a mouse.

1: Anyone displaying the Simplicity logo indicates that their website displays correct English

2: Is consistent with correct use of punctuation and grammar

3: Has an average sentence length of around 15 to 20 words

4: Includes plenty of 'active' rather than 'passive' verbs

5: Has explanations of technical terms

6: Includes good use of lists

7: Has clear and helpful headings which stand out from the text

8: Has a good typesize and a clear typeface; and

10: Does not force users to create an account or give user data unnecessarily

Any business displaying the Simplicity logo adheres to the above 9 requirements. BritORA operate a peer review process where we ask companies who are unlikely to be in competition to review those that display the logo. Should BritORA receive a number of independent compaints from customers, then a peer review will recommend that the company in question removes the 'Simplicity logo'. 

The company in question will be referred to our Membership Accreditations Review Panel who will assess the request and make recommendations to the company in question in order to give them the opportunity to rectify any problem. This assessment process takes no more than 1 month and the decision of the Membership Accreditations Review Panel is final.

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