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Who We Are

The British Online Retailing Association, known as BritORA was created by Online Retailers for Online Retailers as we understand that our needs are very different to those other conventional businesses.

In 2011, a small group of online retailers from across the UK started to compare notes about the challenges facing their businesses. Some were selling items on Amazon, some were managing ebay shops and some had fully functional online e-commerce businesses. We all agreed that traditional trade bodies tended to focus almost entriely on conventional businesses rather than the very specific needs of online companies.

This sharing of notes about what worked online and what to look out for was extended and formalised early this year and the network is rapidly growing across the UK. We are recommending vendors, setting up group buying discounts, creating a database of scams and making formal contact with key online service providers.

We have now grown, taken on some full time resources, built a website and strengthened the organisation to provide the best possible value and service to all of our users. After much debate, the acronym BritORA was chosen as the more memorable name of the British Online Retailing Association.

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